HR Classroom/HR Care: Customer On-line Training Application

Sawtooth Marketing managed the project for development of HR Classroom's on-line training application, and the port of the HR Care content application to a modern custom management system. Both sites were deployed using a Custom Content Management system for creation of on-line trainings and maintenance of the site. The sites were built, deployed, and are maintained by Sawtoth Marketing's team of professionals.

The team at Sawtooth didn't stop there. Sawtooth manages and performs the inside sales, customer support, and other functions for for HR Classroom/HR Care. To tie everything together Sawtooth Marketing manages the Search Engine Marketing. Sawtooth Marketing can help you manage every aspect of an Internet Marketing campaign, including: project management, custom application development, application deployment, on-going support, lead generation, and the telephone sales process for any business. Truly an end-to-end service provider that is focused on sharing in their customer's success. We are not "Funny glasses marketing people" but rather serious business people genuinely interested in our client's success.

"Sawtooth Marketing originally started a small Google marketing campaign for my on-line training business. They grew into a trusted advisor that helps me with all areas of my business. Curtiss Wright, the President, is genuinely interested in our success, and has been a large part of our success. I would highly recommend that any business owner or manager speak with him concerning helping their business."

Paul Curtis
CEO, HR Classroom/HR Care



Denver Bathtubs

"The President of Sawtooth Marketing, Curtiss Wright has a motto that he shares with us often and that is, "We make money when our customers make money." Sawtooth Marketing puts the success of their customer above all else, and that is the key to our working relationship."